July 21, 2008

Photo Contest






It's time to vote for your favourite Goody Exchange photos, boys and girls. Now that all the gifts have been received, eaten and chewed, it's time to pick your favourite Goodyfaces. We'll use the winners in our come-0ns for the next Exchange.

Glance through the photos at the top of each post right under the titles, and list your top three in a comment below, like this:


Glad you all loved your goodies and made new friends.

July 17, 2008

Chef's T-rifics from Beasley

I got the most amazing gifts and I was totally beside myself with excitement when I opened up that box.

There was a really nice card inside with a note from Bease. Then, the first thing I pulled out was a Kong Wubba. I didn't even wait for it to be unwrapped - I took it into the livingroom and started chewing it right throught the plastic. Then I came right back to the kitchen to see what other goodies there were in the box. There was a Fire Hose chewy and a Tire Tug Ball. Amazing stuff.
And there was the Beasley signature chewy: a T-Bone! And a Bully Stick. You just can't find Bully Sticks in Montreal and I've been wanting one for the longest time. Man oh man, this was one huge haul.

So after all the gifts were on the floor, I ran from toy to toy because I just didn't know what to play with first. I started swinging the Tug Toy around in the air and it flew right into Mama's face.
Bease also sent me a fabulous leash and collar and a skull bandana which I put on immediately.

I love all my gifts. Well-done, Bease. Definitely worth the wait.
Thanks so much.

July 14, 2008

Candi's Delishies from Molly & Taffy

Guess what??? I received my package .... imagine me actually receiving a package by post ... it even had my name on it. I still can't believe it.
We came back from visiting relations and as soon as we got in, Sam told us that there was a package for me. And there in the middle of the floor was a package wrapped in brown paper. I walked over to smell it and walked around to have a proper look. I sat down beside it and just looked at it, still not believing this parcel was for me with my name on it.
Inside was a pink stuffy who I called Pinky, two balls, a led reflective key fob, and two packs of treats. I was so shocked and suprised by all of these lovely gifts from Molly and Taffy.
I started to get sooo hyper looking at my gifts. Right away, I pulled out Pinky and started to sniff her and then pulled her out of the box to play with her. I even took her over to my cushion which no one is allowed on except me. After a short play with her, I then gave Pinky a kiss. I already loved her.
I thought I would try out my new balls. There was one that looked just like a tiny football and the other one like a cricket ball. Of course, I played with the football ... you all know how I love my football. Oh goodness, I couldn't believe how bouncy it was. The cricket ball was exactly the same. I love my bouncy balls. D pulled out the treats to give me one since I've never been soo good. They were soo tasty, and they were good for my teeth.
Finally, there was a lovely envelope with my name on it ... Ails opened it to show me the beautiful card with two gorgeous Airedale Terriers on the front.
Oh my, I am soo very lucky.
Thanks again, Molly and Taffy for such lovely, beautiful gifts. I really, really, loved them all. I am such a lucky puppy.

Clover's Gooberlishies from Sparky

My Goodie Exchange package arrived in the mail! Thank you Sparky! You picked out the best things. I was SO excited when my parents brought it home after work. Look at this! First I pulled the stuffing out of the box. I spent a good amount of time doing that and playing with it. Then I got my head right into the box to pull my goodies out!
Can you even believe all this stuff?! OMD, Sparky! Thank you!! My parents made me pose in the aftermath of my attack on the box. I LOVE playing with the ball on a rope - two of my favourite things rolled into one! The ice cream was the perfect size to carry around!!

Thanks again, Sparky! And thanks so much to Chef & Mr. T Bone Beasley for all their hard work on this super fun Goody Exchange!! xo


July 11, 2008

Gaucho y Verdi's pressies from Candi

We went to the post office building to look for a box that our friend Candi the Cavalier sent us for the Goody Exchange.

Thank you. We have been quite charmed and your generosity has been overwhelming. Gaucho has appropriated one of the felt balls. Candi also sent beautiful photos that we have put in our friends tree.
Thank you again, Candi ... very, very much.

Stanley & Stella's Box of love from Jackman Ave.

How did we acquire this FAB doofus bird?

Why is this hump-happy caterpillar now living in GooberStan?

Who sent us this superb stash of gooberlicious noshables?

We were lucky to have our monumentally gooberish buds ~ Sherman, Penny & Lola (THE DOJA - Dogs Of Jackman Ave) ~ as partners in the first annual DWB's International Goody Exchange! WHOA! Did they do us right or WHAT?!

The Doofus Bird caught my attention right away. You can see that he got me off of my feet (like the hang time?) and aireborne for a nice game of tag. Then we got down to some serious stuffy testing ~ snuggle time.

This bird is almost as much of a camera hound as I am. Stella wanted to rumble me for him, but I let her have a little visitation time with the bird. She invited him into her new condo (she got the new digs for her birthday).

The gay pride caterpillar even showed up for the party. I have a feeling that anytime during the next week, this is how you'll find me and the Doofus Bird... stationed by the front windows on squirrel patrol.

Stella has taken ownership of the caterpillar.

I was just going to ignore it, you know? But, I had to have me a taste of that rainbow colored worm.

Speaking of taste, if there's one thing Sherman, Penny & Lola know about, it's how to eat! Our girl let us try out these free-floating treats we found in the box amongst all the other goodies.

Now for the weird stuff. Sherman, Penny & Lola's mom sent Stella a bag of Sherman Stink. Here she is checking it out. She kept sticking her nose deeper and deeper into that bag.

I heard her say something about wanting to suck all the Sherman Stink she could out of his fur sample. I think she's going to recarpet her condo with it.

Stella & I had the same idea when it came to the note Sherm, Penny & Lola sent. We both wanted to eat it.

Can you really blame us?

Sherman! Penny! Lola! You guys are the cat's pajamas! We LOVE our box of love, and are overwhelmed with gooey and wiggly feelings for all three of you!

Chef and T-Bone Beaseley, this was a brilliant idea of the highest order! We LOVE the way you guys think. Thanks for organizing all of this and for being patient as we waited for our lazy girl to let us open our package!

July 10, 2008

Willow's Wonderfuls from Herbie, Nixon & Fatty

This was so very exciting! My package from Liss, Herbie, Nixon and Fatty came! I sat and waited patiently while pup Ty opened it for me. He was being soooo sloowww!

Ok , I was checking out ALL of my booty here! I couldn't wait to get into it. Ty HAD to show me each and every thing. Then he found a card! Can you believe it?

Mom said the polite thing to do is to ALWAYS read the card 1st. So my boy got to reading...PRONTO!! While he read....I cheated and made noise with my new stuffy! He just read louder.

Can you believe all these goodies? How cool is this???? Herbie got me a Purple Doggie to match his! I promise, Herbie, to take good care of it. I won't let Pilar near it because she might make it splode!! We wouldn't want that to happen. We were really "eyeing" that pupperoni! It sure smelled good!

Thanks again to Liss, Herbie, Nixon & Fatty.

Thank you, Beasely and Chef. This was so much fun all the way around.

We would also like to thank our under-appriciated mail LADY! (who gives us cookies).
This was more fun than going through the McDonalds Drive-Thru!!!!!

July 9, 2008

Ezzy's & Jagger's Goodies from Sasha & Max

Thank you, Sasha and Max...We have had a blast playing with our toys and Mom lets us have a cookie everyday. Jag ate all the cream out of the cupcake. LOL. This is been so much fun, thank you again .

Charlies' snackeroos from Opy & Charlie

I was such a happy puppy when the postman came with my puppy parcel from Opy and Charlie, my puppy - exchange pals!

Big thanks to you, for that weekend was fully of Schmackos, and liver treats.....oh I ate sooooo much! Here I am with the goodies Opy and Charlie sent me before I devoured half of them!

Lots of lick and slobbers to Opy and Charlie.

Persephone, Buster & Blue's Treasures from Ricky

July 8, 2008

Airechicks' goodies from Crikit, Ginger & Sparky and birthday pressies from Maggie & Mitch

We got our Goody Exchange package from Ginger, Crickit & Sparky and a birthday gift from Maggie & Mitch. Special BIG HUGS & KISSES - as you can witness LeLe is NOT an AIREDALE to wait for pictures and anything else ....she just dives right in..... Mom had to chase her down - she was tearing off in ALL directions - you would have thought she had just knocked off PETSMART and had been shoplifting....NOT that we have ever shoplifted at PETSMART but they do make your Mom pay for everything at the register..

Cricket & Sparky & Ginger - Thank you so much for the goodies - Riding in the truck with your Dad NO PROBLEM - Tris just took everything out and put it in the dirt with her and laid on it... Mom said she would not take a picture of that sight because pups might think she's SPOILED.

From these shot you can see Tris was just acting BAD - she did not want her picture taken - she just wanted to RIP into the box from Maggie & Mitch...

LeLe was just glad to get the box outside away from Tris....LeLe was hoping Maggie & Mitch would send their DAD cause she knows he takes Maggie & Mitch for ice cream and always gives pizza pawty's......So maybe NEXT YEAR .....Thank you Maggie & Mitch so much for the piggy ears.....POOOF - and they were GONE (Mom's just that kind pick and run....) Mom said later...

Thank you, Cricket - Sparky - Ginger !!!
Thank you Maggie & Mitch !!!!

Lorenza's Airegoodies from Lele and Trish

The mean mailman came with my goodie package! I was afraid he wanted to keep it for himself!

I got many low fat and fat free treats (special thanks for thinking on my diet!) and toys! I also got the Legendary Texas Jackhorn! We did not know about them but we read the story on the card and its very interesting. Now I have a problem.... My mom wants her! Would you please tell her that she was not included in the Goody Exchange??

Lele and Tris! I love all your presents!